Shaftesbury Fringe 2019 Preview: International TV Executive Who Switched To Comedy

Former Shaftesbury School pupil Cally Beaton has been on the board of major TV companies in New York, Amsterdam and London. Legendary comedian Joan Rivers spotted her comedy talent and told her to pursue a stand-up career. A frequent QI panellist, Cally is appearing at Shaftesbury Fringe 2019 and she’s looking forward to catching up with former school friends and maybe her first love.

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Shaftesbury Fringe 2019 Preview: Kind Of Blue

A retired TV executive who made programmes about the arts is heading up a new blues band performing at Shaftesbury Fringe.

Alan Benson used to produce and direct TV’s ‘The South Bank Show’ and ‘Omnibus’.
Last autumn he formed the five-piece group, Kind of Blue.

He talks about the group’s influences and explains why people who don’t think that they like blues music should attend their Grosvenor Arms Hotel gig at 2.45pm on Sunday 7th July.
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Shaftesbury Fringe 2019 Preview: Who’s The Daddy Pig? With Philip Simon

Have you ever watched Peppa Pig? Most parents will have seen the popular TV series – but the cartoon’s characters are the subject of their own Shaftesbury Fringe show this July. 

Comedian, actor and ‘Mock The Week’ writer Philip Simon is a dad himself but he promises that his show won’t be ‘just another comedian talking about parenthood’. Philip is offering a set based on a ‘nostalgic look at my time working on the Peppa Pig theatre tour’” He played Daddy Pig for two years from 2009 and he loved it.

During his 50-minute show, Philip will address modern parenting challenges, such as feminism and gender neutrality. Despite the show’s theme, the performance is only suitable for audiences aged 14+.

See Philip’s debut solo show, Who’s The Daddy Pig?, at The Mitre Inn, Shaftesbury at 4pm on Saturday 6th July before he heads off to the Edinburgh Fringe.

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Listen to our interview with Philip here: