EXTRA SHOW: Shaftesbury TV Comedy Star Cally Organises Surprise Second Gig

Shaftesbury Fringe-goers queued for the chance to see former Shaftesbury School pupil and BBC TV ‘QI’ regular, Cally Beaton, perform her latest stand-up show at St Peter’s Hall last night.

There was only space for fifty people at the venue, and door staff turned more than twice that number of comedy fans away – including Cally’s dad!

They all missed a treat. During Cally’s well-polished show, the crowd roared with laughter at her stories of the ups-and-downs of dating as a single parent. Then there was the incredible true story of Cally’s life-changing event in Iceland – that’s the country not the supermarket.

But there’s another chance to see this hilarious show today. Cally has hurriedly arranged a second gig at 4pm (Sunday 7th July) at the Grosvenor Arms Hotel. Alfred’s Keri Jones spoke with Cally after the gig.

Cally says that it’s the second time she’s performed in her home town. Her first gig at Angola 76 was very different. “I was sort of perched on a beer crate in the middle of the bar that was still serving. People were having food and going, ‘can you shut up, we’re trying to eat and have a drink’. Tonight was my first homecoming gig where people could hear me, were listening and were seated, so it felt very luxurious!”

Cally’s packed show in St Peter’s Hall

Cally says you shouldn’t feel sorry for her father being turned away on the door. “My dad, to be fair, saw the show at the Bath Comedy Festival a few months ago, and I think his hair has only just uncurled from that experience,” laughed Cally. “I think maybe it was as well. He is going to come up to Edinburgh and see the show.”

During the routine, Cally talks about some things that happened to her on her travels, that would terrify any parent. “When he saw that show, I said to him before, ‘not everything’s true, and let’s agree that I won’t tell you which bits are true’. To be honest, most of it is true but I don’t think my dad would want to know that.”

Cally has been working on some new television and media work. “I have got a few things in the pipeline. I’ve got a couple of pilots that I did. I’ve done a really fun podcast with Richard Osman from ‘Pointless’. We recorded a couple of episodes of that on Friday. That’s going out in the autumn. It’s for a new sort of quiz and game show that will end up on telly or radio. And I’m touring the UK, so people can check out on my website for the gigs I’ve got going on,” she said.

Cally hopes to return to Shaftesbury Fringe next year. “I’d love to come back in 2020. That’s assuming I’ve got a new show, which I suspect I will have by then. I’ve loved this show so much. It’s meant a lot more to me than anything I’ve ever done before.”

Cally is taking the show that Shaftesbury will see today to Edinburgh Fringe. “It’s on at The Assembly in George Square from the 31st of July until the 26th of August, every day apart from the 13th. So it would be wonderful to see people there,” said Cally.

Cally performs today (Sunday) at 4pm at The Grosvenor Arms Hotel Assembly Room.