Shaftesbury Fringe 2019 Preview: Jacob Hulland – The Flat-Footed, Dyslexic, Middle-Aged Teenager

Arriving at uni, middle-aged 18-year-old Jacob Hulland finds he is anything but a normal student.

As he begins to look for the meaning of Life, the Univers(ity) and Everything, he makes the startling discovery that he is flat-footed, officially dyslexic and the only sober man on his course. He has, indeed, entered a dark new world… Hampshire.

You can catch Jacob’s show at St Peter’s Church Hall on Friday 5thJuly at 2.45pm and Sunday 7thJuly at 6.30pm as well as Shaftesbury Arts Centre’s Rutter Room on Friday 5thJuly at 6.15pm and Sunday 7thJuly at 12.15pm.