Shaftesbury Fringe 2019 Preview: Poetry With Marigold Rumble

Shaftesbury resident Marigold Rumble has not performed her poetry in public before.

“I have one poem that I wrote for my school magazine when I was 15. I didn’t do anything for 30 years and then it just happened,” she said. “I entered the competition in a craft magazine. A month later, I was on holiday in Minorca and I opened up the latest edition of the magazine and I had won! It was a limerick.”

Beaton’s in Tisbury asked for a poem about the tearoom and Marigold won that contest, too. She is looking forward to presenting her ‘Memories And Moments In Time’ recital at the Grosvenor Arms Hotel at 12 noon on Saturday, 6th July. And Marigold says there’s one poem which will strike a chord with most mothers in the audience.

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