Shaftesbury Fringe 2019 Preview: Who’s The Daddy Pig? With Philip Simon

Have you ever watched Peppa Pig? Most parents will have seen the popular TV series – but the cartoon’s characters are the subject of their own Shaftesbury Fringe show this July. 

Comedian, actor and ‘Mock The Week’ writer Philip Simon is a dad himself but he promises that his show won’t be ‘just another comedian talking about parenthood’. Philip is offering a set based on a ‘nostalgic look at my time working on the Peppa Pig theatre tour’” He played Daddy Pig for two years from 2009 and he loved it.

During his 50-minute show, Philip will address modern parenting challenges, such as feminism and gender neutrality. Despite the show’s theme, the performance is only suitable for audiences aged 14+.

See Philip’s debut solo show, Who’s The Daddy Pig?, at The Mitre Inn, Shaftesbury at 4pm on Saturday 6th July before he heads off to the Edinburgh Fringe.

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