The Shaftesbury Fringe Team



Rob Neely

Co-Chair Shaftesbury Fringe and Venues
About: Roberto is Master of Venues. In fact we'd be surprised if there's any potential venue in Shaftesbury that Rob hasn't visited or signed up! Artist and garden designer, Rob is also owner of the very beautiful The Dorset Store, a treasure trove in the centre of town.


James Thrift

Co-Chair Shaftesbury Fringe
About: James has been involved in running community events in Shaftesbury for almost two decades. He spends far too much time looking at the world via a computer screen or through the lens of a camera.


Karen Brazier

Social Media
About: Karen began her career in publishing before side-stepping into marketing, and has worked in both tourism and education. A Shaftesbury resident since 2007, she believes there is no finer county than Dorset and waxes lyrical about her favourite haunts in her blog


Andy Hargreaves

Website and Registrations
About: Andy lives in Shaftesbury and manages several websites including He is a keen amateur photographer and a member of the Shaftesbury Camera Club.


Amber Harrison

About: Amber’s role in corporate social responsibility takes her far and wide but her heart and home remains in Shaftesbury where she’s lived for the past 10 years. She’s a trustee of the Rolt Millennium Green, and serves on the Board of Shaftesbury Arts Centre where she produces the programme, advertising and social media.


Kevin Harrison

About: After an enjoyable stint in the 2019 Fringe team, Kevin has, for some reason, signed up for more madness as part of Fringe 2020. He has lived in Shaftesbury for 11 years, is Membership Secretary of the Shaftesbury Arts Centre and a member of the Rolt Millennium Green team. A software developer by day, he mans the info e-mail address and looks after the Fringe app.


Kim Upshall

Financial Director
About: Kim looks after the finances and accounts for Shaftesbury Fringe.


Keri Jones

Press and Publicity
About: Keri has a long track record in media management, running several award winning local radio stations. He lives in Shaftesbury and currently produces and presents a weekly news podcast focused on the Shaftesbury at


Andy Tebbutt-Russell & Samantha

About: Andy and Samantha were principal organisers of Shaftesbury Fringe 2016. Andy is a theatrical producer and manager and Samantha is a singer/actress.