What is Shaftesbury Fringe?


Shaftesbury Fringe is an open access performing arts festival that takes place every summer in the beautiful hill top town of Shaftesbury, Dorset. It is a celebration of all things creative, which means anyone with a story to tell can put on a Fringe event. We welcome both new and established artists to perform and exhibit in one of over 30 unique venues within our town.

We choose our dates carefully to ensure we form part of the country’s unofficial ‘Fringe circuit’. This enables performers booked into the Edinburgh Fringe to try out their acts in front of audiences at smaller Fringe festivals, such as ours, before heading north of the border. For audiences this means that you have the opportunity to catch some up-and-coming stars before they become famous!

Founded in 2016 by Andy Tebbutt-Russell & Samantha, Shaftesbury Fringe is fast becoming one of the key Fringe festivals in the country.


Who organises it?

Shaftesbury Fringe is run by a small group of volunteers all of whom live in or near the town. During the Fringe weekend itself, this core team expands to include a large number of extra helpers to ensure that the weekend runs smoothly.